About Adriana Antique Prints


I am Sigrid Adriana van Veen (on the left ;-)), and the proud owner of Adriana Antique Prints. I'm from the Netherlands and live in Zundert, which also happens to be the birth place of the famous Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh. 


As a nature lover - of flowers, plants and animals in all sorts of shapes and sizes - I've always had an interest to capture and admire nature's beauty also inside my home. So, I've been taking a lot photographs in zoos, at hiking trips, vacation, and in my own garden as well as stuffing my own home with plants and flowers. But what I love most is to decorate my home with beautiful colourful or black & white detailed old drawings, illustrations and paintings of the things that I like.


What I experienced myself is that once I found a nice print that I wanted to hang on my wall, it didn't have a matboard with the right size and colour to match with the frame that I wanted, or with my interior style.  On top of that, it's quite expensive and time consuming to find a shop and get a custom made frame and matboard. This is when I started to cut my own matboards. It allowed me to pick and choose myself what matboard quality and colour to use and what size to cut it, so I could buy a (cheaper) standard sized frame at a regular store. By selecting the right combination of print + frame + matboard to match with my interior, it really brought out the beauty of the print!


I started my business because I enjoy the 'hunt' for finding beautiful antique prints and I like creating matching matboards, because it makes the print look so much better! I want to make it easier for people to find the right vintage print that matches with their interior style, and help them to get it on the wall as quickly as possible with just the right (standard sized) frame from a regular store, and at the right price.


By delivering every print with a matching pre-cut high quality matboard in standard outer sizes, I help you save valuable time and effort, so you can quickly and easily style and personalize any room in your home - and enjoy the view!