Antique print of the Large White and other butterflies, 1903

Item number: 8.2

This beautiful coloured plate with butterflies originates from the first edition of the work by Edward Hulme called 'Butterflies and Moths of the Countryside', published in 1903.


This 119-year-old print is in a very good condition and contains 8 illustrations of white butterflies.


The numbers below correspond with the numbers on the plate:

9. Orange Tip. Male. Under side. Euchloe cardamines.
10. Green Veined White. Under side. Pieris napi.
11. Orange Tip. Female. Under side. Euchloe cardamines
12. Large White. Female. Pieris brassice.
13. Large White. Male. Pieris brassice.
14. Bath White. Pieris daplidice.
15. Green Veined White. Female. Pieris napi.
16. Wood White. Leucoplhasia sinapis.


The pre-cut high quality matboard has a light grey/silver linen top layer, and is acid-free, protecting the print. 


The image you see is a photograph of the actual item. 


Artist: Edward F. Hulme
Rear of the print: blank, no images or text
Matboard size (= frame size): 21 x 30 cm | 8.27 x 11.81 inch
Print size: 16,8 x 24,4 cm | 6.61 x 9.61 inch