Antique chromo lithograph of the Rosy underwing and other moths, 1913

Item number: 4.16

This beautiful bright coloured chromolithographic plate originates from the first edition of an antique atlas describing all butterflies, caterpillars and moths in the Netherlands in the early 1900's.


This 109-year-old print is in excellent condition and is packed with 16 detailed illustrations of  moths and larva, including the Rosy underwing and Silver-Y moths.


The numbers below correspond with the numbers on the plate:
1. Scopelosoma satellitia L. Satellite moth.
2. Cucullia ar te misiae Hufn. Scarce wormwood moth.
3. Plusia gamma L. Silver-Y moth.
4. Pseudophia lunaris Schif. Lunar double stripe moth.
5. Catocala electa Borkh. Rosy underwing moth.
6. Catocala sponsa L. Dark crimson underwing moth.
7. Catocala fulminea Scop. Yellow bands underwing moth.
8. Brephos parthenias L. Orange underwing moth.


The pre-cut high quality matboard has a indigo/dark blue top layer, and is acid-free, protecting the print. 


The image you see is a photograph of the actual item. 


Artist: W. Hubert
Rear of the print: blank, no images or text
Matboard size (= frame size): 21 x 30 cm | 8.27 x 11.81 inch
Print size: 16,5 x 24 cm | 6.5 x 9.45 inch